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Oraspa™ sets you apart
from every other dental office.

People live in fear of going to the dentists, whether the fear is from pain or the fear of being able to afford their dental bill. Oraspa™ helps you to 'soften' the image of antiquated dentistry.

Oraspa™ Mission Statement

Oraspa™ is dedicated to eliminating the fear of dentistry by providing safe educational training to dental professionals that heals, nutures and serves their patients.

The Differentiator

You offer a service to your patients that makes them WANT to come to your office. Your patients will come early. You will significantly decrease your 'no shows' and cancelations. You will retain your patients for their lifetime. Oraspa™ is the only authentic dental service that relaxes the patient without the use of drugs. It gives your dental team a new attitude and outlook on their career and dentistry. It creates value.

It's Time for a Change - It's What Your Patients Have Been Asking For!

You can keep doing what you've always been doing - offering the same services as everyone else - and expecting a different result. Or --you can break away and set your practice apart and raise your level of excellence! The change is that your patients will actually look forward to their dental appointment and even come early!

Take the Next Step

Register your hygienist for The DentalSpa™ Certification Course to become an Oraspa™ Therapist. This will provide your patients with the most amazing experience in the dental chair. Their 'word of mouth referral' with breathe new life into the change that you are providing for them.

Sign up you and your dental assistant to becoming certified in The RestoraSpa™. From our Diversional Therapy™ during the injections to the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxation therapy, your patients will experience your softer side and share this with all of their friends! Take the next step now!