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The concept of ‘a dental spa’ was pioneered by a dental hygienist, Debra Grant in 1986.  Debra grew up in a holistic environment where western medicine was not the norm.  After graduating from hygiene school, she married and lived the ‘Boca lifestyle’ in Florida. Even with her fast-paced life in Boca Raton, she continued to practice dental hygiene.

Debra, like every dental professional, was faced with a number of patients who viewed even a routine visit to the dentist as something to dread. The Florida dental office where she practiced served a large number of Holocaust survivors whose heightened sensitivity made an indelible impression that motivated her to create a place of peace and no fear. Debra’s visit to Israel cultivated her passion and heart for the survivors and her understanding of holistic living and the healing properties of world-class spas.

With the help of numerous healthcare professionals, Debra developed a new concept known as The Original Dental Spa, the birth of integrative dentistry. Bridging the mind, body and spirit with oral health has been the continuous goal. The Original Dental Spa turned into Perioromatherapy™ which evolved in 2002 and grew into the Chicago-based company that we know today as Oraspa™, Inc.

The therapeutic treatment, The DentalSpa™ is the relaxation procedure performed during the dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning).  For over 25 years, research has continued on the effects of natural relaxation on the fearful and anxiety-ridden dental patient.  Within this alternative journey of research, Oraspa™ has found the benefit of total body wellness and the advantages it bring to oral health care.

Some of the benefits are migraine relief, reduction of severe gagging, lowering the patient’s blood pressure during the procedure, and many other positive results have been developed.