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What the DentalSpa™ Therapy Is

This is the heart of your practice; it takes no more time than your regularly scheduled prophy. Created by health professionals at Oraspa™, the DentalSpa™ is a comprehensive dental prophylaxis provided mostly by hygienists that includes relaxation techniques based on science and organic elements. This drug-free service benefits your patients and grows your practice.

The Science of the DentalSpa™

The DentalSpa™ creates a neuromuscular transmission from the body to the mind that results in deep relaxation. This organic anxiolytic consciously sedates and rejuvenates the patient. Oraspa promotes a heightened anabolic state, accentuating the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems that immerses the patient into a profound alpha brainwave state. Developed in 1986, the DentalSpa™ customizes the blends of Dental Essentials™ with your patients own medical history. This combination of essential oils, music and touch therapy brings the patient into a natural conscious sedative state of mind, body and spirit.

How Does the DentalSpa™ Work?

This hands-on relaxation technique incorporates:
• The olfactory system with therapeutic-grade essential oils customized to the patient’s medical history
• Sensory Fusion, by regulating all of the senses to a neutral stage of comfort
• Environmental peace in the dental office
• Touch Therapy; a protocol and series of movements designed with a variety of extraoral screenings
• Science-based audio designed to progressively obtain a range of brain waves from the beta to the alpha or theta stage of rest.

What the DentalSpa™ Does for Your Patients

The DentalSpa™ therapeutic treatment:
• Promotes wellness,
• Subdues gagging,
• Lowers high blood pressure,
• Reduces inflammation,
• Gives patients a reason to look forward to their dental visit (they even come early!)
• Builds confidence in the dental team and practice, and
• Produces the most relaxing dental experience patients will ever have.

What the DentalSpa™ Does for Your Practice

This is what sets you apart from every other dental office. It makes you different…and better. The beauty of the DentalSpa™ is that you get your return on investment (ROI) after one new patient referral. This word-of-mouth referral system is the most powerful and sustaining connection between you to the community you serve.

Oraspa™ offers helps build your dental practice. Contact us to register for a DentalSpa™ and RestoraSpa™ Certification Courses. Call 630.418.3324 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the new RestoraSpa™?

The RestoraSpa™ is an experience for the restorative, perio, cosmetic dental patient performed mostly by the dental assistant in tandem with the dentist.

What do they do in The RestoraSpa™?

Dental assistants learn Diversional Therapy™ using warm and cool stones and meridian point philosophy during injections. The dental assistant continues to provide comfort through muscular relaxation and anti-inflammatory techniques in the dental chair. Patients love their restorative appointments all the way through to the end. They don't want to get out of the chair.

Can anyone learn it?

The RestoraSpa™ is a certification for the dentist/dental assistant team.

How much does it cost?

The DentalSpa™ Certification Course is $1,895 per person.
The RestoraSpa™ Certification Course is $595 per person.
The immediate value of the DentalSpa™ is that you get your return on investment (ROI) after one new patient referral. The lifetime value of a patient is priceless, they will never leave your practice...