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Dental Patients Help To Drive Dental Practice Revenue Up

Welcome to the first Oraspa™ blog!
Beginning in 1986, for the first 10 years dentists thought I was crazy. “A Dental Spa, what’s that?!” After working with rhythmic movement and creating the comprehensive extra-oral cancer exam, adding the science of essential oils, and a music therapist who thought this was the greatest thing since dental floss, the birth of the Dental Spa began. Throughout the years, the dentists that I worked with trusted my competency as a hygienist and as a researcher. They knew I did my homework and executed everything clinically above excellence. As I developed the technique and environment and learned about the various reasons for anxiety in the dental office, this all made sense to me. Why not create a relaxing atmosphere in a highly anxious environment?
The patients immediately took to the procedure during their prophy. So many were eager to help and aid in suggestions on comfort. They couldn’t wait for their next cleaning to see what I was doing next that was new! They began to tell their friends and co-workers and then they would call the office for their Dentalspa treatment. The dentists were still unsure of patient acceptance. Once I treated the dentist, he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to get out of the chair.
Then a little bit of jealousy set in, why were the patients so much more receptive to treatment in my room? Who cares?! It was weird. He was getting new patient referrals, revenue was up, patients LOVED the DentalSpa and were proud that he offered this at no charge….what in the world? I contend because they were relaxed and trusted the hygienist with her recommendation.
Nevertheless, today and 20 years later he is laughing all the way to the bank.
Moral of the story: Trust your employees to shine at what they do best, it only reflects positively on YOU! Support their efforts and you will reap the rewards!
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