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Chicago Midwinter Meeting: A Success! On to The Hinman in Atlanta!

The initiation of Oraspa™ into the major trade shows, like the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, has begun! What an experience! The emotion of having your lifelong passion in dentistry finally come to fruition and I am ever so grateful to VOCO America, Inc. for partnering in this process. Sharing The DentalSpa™ sample at the booth was a dream come true. It is has allowed us to be able to literally “touch” the recipient instead of having to explain what Oraspa is about. The recipients “got it” within 30 seconds! A few of my favorite recipients were Dr. Roy Irons, President of the National Dental Association (NDA) enjoyed the DentalSpa so much that it warranted a hug afterwards! And Dr. Garrett Sato from Los Angeles, didn't want to leave! Angie Stone, with Xlear and editor of Hygiene Tribune, and Anne Guignon, speaker extraordinaire, are dear old friends that were finally able to get a "feel" of what the DentalSpa is like. And who can forget Dr. Chris Kammer, Founder of American Association of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), that made the oral systemic connection with Oraspa and loved it! It was a pleasure being able to meet and give the DentalSpa experience to so many old and new friends! This was such a success that we will see you at the VOCO booth in Atlanta at the Hinman next month in March!
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