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Oraspa from Sea to Shining Sea!

From California to New Jersey, we have had the privilege of visiting some of our Oraspa offices; Gentle Dentistry in Sparta, New Jersey to Dr. Eric Zaremski's office outside of San Francisco. Anyone who goes to a dentist and lives near these offices should run not walk to receive dental treatment. These are the offices that you would send your family to. The genuine care and love that is given to each individual patient is a cut above the rest. Nadine, in New Jersey, even has an Oraspa license plate!
The Sonoma, California Oraspa Certification Course in April was a success! What a venue to receive CE's! The Sonoma film festival was there at the same time along with Tomato Mania, where there was a festival with organic off-hybrid tomato plants.
Our first set of grand-twins in Carlsbad, California brought us to San Diego along with La Costa Resort and Spa. Enjoying taking care of babies in Carlsbad and relaxing at the Spa in the evening. The Chopra Institute was in full force with yoga classes, meditation and wellness. Learning from the professionals at La Costa Spa was a treat and all of the Oraspa therapists that take The DentalSpa Plus Course will benefit from the new techniques. Looking forward to our Level One June course in Chicago!
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